Friday, 27 August 2021

Virus Diary #3

 Day 3

I got up at 8. I hadn't slept well and my dreams had been weird. My test result wasn't in yet. My head started spinning as soon as I got up, so my boss got another call. She made it clear that I can't come to work in this state. 

My entire body felt weird. Now I understood what my SO had been complaining about a couple of days ago, that his nerves was oversensitive and even wearing clothes was uncomfortable. Almost all sensation of touch was translated into "WRONG" by my brain. It was hard to feel the difference between hot and cold. My head was spinning, in the same way as it does if the ear canals are blocked by water, ear wax or a sinus infection. It wasn't hard to breathe or anything, there was just sort of a disconnect between my senses and my consciousness.  Worst of all was sticking my hands into water of any kind. It gave almost a fight or flight reaction. This was inconvenient, because housework still needed to be done, and it is important to wash our hands often when we are sick!

Making and eating dinner was exhausting. I was sweating, shivering, and constantly feeling like all my hairs were standing up. I couldn't decide if the feeling was pleasant or uncomfortable. My feet felt like they weren't fully in contact with gravity. This can be compared to the first sign of a THC high. I decided that I just wasn't used to having a fever.

The little guy seemed a lot better, his fever was gone, and they had gone out for a short trip to a park while I was busy with housework. After eating, I wanted to lie down for a short while to gather energy for the little boy's night routine. Exactly when I put my phone away to drift off, I got a message. My test came back positive.

This wasn't the message I wanted to give to my boss. She took it well. The nursery manager had just left for the day, so I sent a message through their app. After this I got a phone call from the city's health authorities, asking me to list every person I had been in contact with this week. With my head swimming from fever and lack of sleep, this wasn't an easy task. There was no nap. The rest of the evening was spent on phone calls and emails.

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