Thursday 1 January 2015

A blog post, to test the layout

Testing...testing, 1, 2, 3
Paint splat fractal
I wonder which font this caption will get.

This blog will be in English. There is nothing interesting here yet. I just need to fill this page with text, so it will look like something interesting is posted on the blog, while I choose a layout. This is why the next paragraphs are filled with random text.

You aren't supposed to be reading this yet.

I can't imagine why anyone would waste time reading this completely random text. There is nothing here yet. I haven't even run a spellchecker on it, so my English is probably awful. The pictures here can better be found on my deviantart page. (Oh look, there is a link! Is it purple or blue?)

This is a headline.

And this is text.

This is a small headline.

This is more text, and here is a list of bullet points:

  • First point
  • Second point
  • Third point

This is another small headline.
Trypophobla fractal
Yes, I made these fractals. This is image size "medium"

And then I just have to produce some more random nonsense to fill this space with. It is funny how this looks like a completely legitimate blog post, when it is in fact nonsense. I could fill the rest of this page with just bla bla bla, and it would look like text.

Of course, blogger has still not fixed the small headlines. I don't get why they are called "small" when they are the same exact size as the normal headlines. Maybe it can be fixed in settings...