Monday 24 October 2016

Playing with the AP score in Ingress

I enjoy playing Ingress. The game has both a global score based on how large an area each faction controls and how populated those areas are, and a personal score called Activity Points (AP). This works just like experience points in any RPG. You need them in order to level up.

Everything you do in Ingress awards AP. Recharging a portal gives a tiny amount, building a field gives a large amount. Taking down a portal with multiple fields attached to it gives the most AP of any single action in the game.

I sometimes play with the AP score, aiming for funny numbers. The key to this is watching the last digit of the score. When I wanted to aim for exactly 28 million AP, like in the screenshot, I first did the actions that gave large chunks of AP until I was getting close. A few thousands away from the goal is usually enough to fine tune the last digit.

The action that gives the least predictable amount is glyph hacking. The score is based on how fast the glyph hack is done. When I was getting close to the goal, I glyph hacked until the last digit of my AP score was 0. Then the rest was easy. Placing a mod gave 150 AP. Placing two mods on two portals gave 300. With only a few hundreds left, I recharged a remote portal until the score was right.

Actions that will leave the last digit intact:

Quick hacking an enemy portal (100 AP)
Glyph hacking and not getting all the glyphs right (50-200 AP)

Actions that will increase the last digit with 5:

Placing a resonator (125 AP)
Upgrading somebody else's resonator (65 AP)
Destroying a resonator (75 AP)
Placing a mod (125 AP)

Actions that increase the last digit with 3:

Making a link (313 AP)
Making a field (1563 AP)

Destroying links and field also gives a variable amount of AP based on how many you destroy at the same time. I usually don't include destruction in the last part of aiming for a certain score, because it is so unpredictable.

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