Wednesday, 15 April 2015

About this blog and me

Hi, I'm Siiw, and this is my personal blog.

The reason why my Blogger profile is called "Tante Rose" is that my first blog, Plantehjelp, is in Norwegian. I wanted a profile name that would fit the theme of the blog. Plantehjelp is mostly an instructional site for growing plants. This is a personal blog, where I'll simply write about things that I find interesting. This is also a convenient place for me to post photos, so my English speaking friends can see them.

Some websites may be promoted here. That doesn't mean that they sponsor me, or that I am affiliated with them, just that I like the sites. I can be quite passionate about some, such as LD4all.

The title "Inner Worlds" reflects one of my interests: lucid dreaming. Many lucid dreamers have regularly recurring dream places, some have elaborate worlds! I'll post about that, but not only that.

I apologise in advance for my English. My first language is Norwegian. If there are any errors in the blog, and there certainly are, I appreciate feedback on them so they can be corrected. The posts are written as they are, directly into the Blogger editor, so the language is far from perfect. This blog is after all a training project, for me to practice writing English.

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